I’ve always wondered how professional photographers could take such beautiful photos of the night sky. I envied their skills, yet I never had the guts to try my hand at creating these beautiful photos. This semester I made it a point to challenge myself so, I went on a late-night excursion with the photography club here on campus to try my hand at Astrophotography. The night was very successful and many of us captured beautiful shots of the sky, including part of the Milky Way! I was quite nervous because knew I would be with some incredibly talented photographers, but after talking to a few others in the group I was comforted to know that a few of us had never tried this type of photography before; Thankfully, I wasn’t alone. When we arrived myself and one other girl watched another club member demonstrate his techniques for photographing the night sky. By the end of the night we were having a good time learning and taking photos together. While my photos didn’t come out as I had hoped, due to an improper lens, I was still able to capture some shots that I was proud of. I hope you enjoy!




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