Reflection Time! My Final Paper And The Final Presentation

My final paper ended up being far different then I imagined. As I wrote my questions kept on coming, which lead to more and more research. My thesis changed as I got deeper into the research on the culture and stigma surrounding vapes. It was hard to set out a specific cause and effect topic from the very beginning which is what I believed was going to happen when I picked my topic. I ended up just providing a mix of possible factors of adolescent vaping habits and current research from different organizations and researchers on health effects and digital media usage concerning adolescents. I’m happy with the work I did and I’m even happier about the presentation of that work.  I thought my presentation went well. I stuck to my notes and the highlights of my paper to create and deliver an informative presentation on the current state of the research of vaporizers and its effects on the adolescent population. Overall, I’d say my final work was something to be proud of.

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