Reflection Time! Our Group Project And The Presentation That Followed

I loved our group project! I though our topic was interesting and the format we choose to display it in was very fun. When we agreed to do a podcast, through Tape Write I was excited, but I wish I would have taken Jen’s warning on the time commitment that we signed up for far more seriously than I did. I thought it would be easy to get everyone together to record and then just put some pictures to it, but oh how I was wrong. The recording was the least of our worries. It was getting everyone together that was the hardest task for us conquer. In the end, it worked out and we put together a wonderful project thanks to our fearless leader Jen and her patience with our amateur audio skills. I thought our presentation went very well. We had a great time presenting our work for the class and it was very nice to show case the outcome of all of the time spent in the multimedia lab editing and putting together our final products. In the end, I’m glad I work with these girls. I had a great time and we put out some excellent work!

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