Hey Everyone!

I’ve been bouncing around between topics for this research project, but over the weekend I settled on a final topic. I will be researching vapes and electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) in digital media. I’m highly interested in researching this topic because it is something that is perceived differently by everyone. It’ll be interesting to see how the market on these products is advertised on social media and the web and what people of our age generally think of them. Considering the recent push with anti-smoking campaigns that have been geared to our generation I’d like to see how vapes and e-cigs are perceived against tobacco products.

My preliminary research shows that there are a few articles and other external sources that I can use to gather information and come to a conclusion on the topic. I am however concerned that I may not be able to formulate specific enough thesis and idea to explore within this topic as I continue my research. Hopefully I can progress successfully with this topic and enjoy the research this time around!

Stay tuned!

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